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Powerful computing power is not accesible to everyone.
Through the OSN, everyone can access to infinite storage, computing, communication and AI at cost without fees, in a collaborative and efficient Marketplace, everywhere in the planet and beyond.
The OSN connects nodes. Our physical layer, NIO, a CubSat standard supercomputer and ground station powered by Linux connect all sensors and actuators allowing expanding the network to IoT, robots and unmanned systems and, anchored to the CCSDS protocol, provides space internet.
Leverage from the public network to access to all resources needs and contribute to it by sharing your idle resources and monetize them.
You can build over the network your own cluster permissionless to others.
Powered by Linux, designed to highest compatibility standards, communicating with all frequencies and over the CCSDS protocol, the network can be reach anywhere in the planet and beyond. NIO will be able to help your needs.
No fees. Period.
Hence, when monetizing your idle resources you will receive the fair price. And when you need capacity, you’ll pay the fair price.
Beyond the blockchain layer, the fact that the network is Distributed ensures the highest level of security for your data.
The bigger the network, the highest the access to data.
Training your AI out of your own cluster and/or from the public network. Finally, the power of all AI to everyone.
Yes, is Distributed, yes, is yours as well.
Roko is the network ‘s own AI. Through SOS (free access, forever) access to multiple Apps running over a distributed infrastructure. And developers are welcome, through our Open API and SDK, to start developing futures and limitless apllications.

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