Hello, Universe

Open Space Network, a distributed collaborative network.


The Open Space Network Foundation is a 501(c3) non profit organization and a CCSDS member.

Created for Cubesat Stadard, allows innovators to connect and share resources in a collaborative system.

Collaborative Commons

A powerful new economic movement has taken off overnight. A younger generation is beginning to share goods and services on a global Collaborative Commons. The distributed, collaborative nature of the Internet allows millions of people to find the right match-ups to share whatever they can spare with what others can use. This is a different kind of economy -- one far more dependent on social capital than market capital. And it's an economy that lives more on social trust rather than on anonymous market forces.

"The Collaborative Commons has the potential to massively undermine the conventional capitalist market much sooner than many economists expect..."


The NODE I, allows innovators to build collaborative networks, integrating space, IoT, unamanned vehicles and robotic entities.

Full duplex SDR from 300 Mhz to 6 Ghz, wide band Nano-Capacitive antenna, cellular networks ready, 6 ports Gigabit ethernet switch, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and serial port. GPS/GNSS/GALILEO and IMU integrated sensors. Quad ARM Cortex A53, dual ARM Cortex R5 and a dual ARM Mali 400 MP2 GPU with clock speed of up to 1.5 GHz. 4GB RAM, 256 GB flash storage and SATA port.

Collaborative Economics

The New Economic Paradigm

"Science that studies how the abundant resources are exchanged by the nodes."